Términos del servicio

Terms of Service

1. Accuracy of physical product
All product photos shown are what the customer will receive in the physical form. Please note that colors display differently across multiple screens and platforms and therefore may appear slightly different in person.

2. Billing and Payments
Kawaii Unlimited will only charge the customer the amount in agreed to in checkout. Kawaii Unlimited will not charge any different amount without written permission from the customer. Payment is required at the time of purchase.

3. Copyright and Ownership
Kawaii Unlimited owns all images, designs and content used on KawaiiUnlimited.com. Kawaii Unlimited! does NOT claim ownership to the series that may be used in said designs. Designs created by Kawaii Unlimited are categorized as fan art from said series and are subject to fair use law.

4. Chargebacks
If a customer submits a chargeback through their credit card company, PayPal, or any other payment service without attempting to contact Kawaii Unlimited first, customer will be immediately blacklisted. Kawaii Unlimited provides refunds with no questions asked if an order has NOT been shipped yet. Additionally, Kawaii Unlimited provides a replacement or refund if product arrives damaged. Kawaii Unlimited is always ready and willing to help. Don't be a jerk.