How To Install Your Sticker

1. Ensure the area you are installing the sticker on is clean. We recommend using plain water or rubbing alcohol. Please DO NOT use window cleaner or any ammonia based cleaners as these leave residue behind and will affect the life and longevity of the sticker. To wipe and clean the area, use a cloth that does not have a lot of excess fibers (fuzzies). Clean microfiber cloths are great! Ensure the area is completely dry before installing. We recommend installing your sticker when the temperature is above 50F (10C) and below 90F (32.2C) for the best application and longevity.

2. Some of our stickers include a clear transfer tape layer. This picks up the sticker from the paper backing material. Sometimes the transfer tape does not pick up certain areas of the sticker. If this happens, lay the transfer tape back down on the sticker. Apply pressure to the front and back of the sticker to help the transfer tape adhere to the sticker. Peel the backing paper from the sticker rather than the transfer tape. Specialty vinyl materials, such as Oil Slick, Chrome, and Sparkle, are thicker and can sometimes be more difficult for the tape to pick up. For difficult stickers, put the sticker face down and apply pressure while rolling the backing paper off the sticker.

3. To apply, place one edge of the sticker to the desired clean surface area and apply pressure evenly from one edge of the sticker to another. Ensure the sticker is adhered to the surface. Once adhered, slowly peel away the clear transfer tape. Do not remove the tape quickly or the sticker can tear.

4. If you have any air bubbles under your sticker after application, you can carefully push the bubbles out towards the edge with a plastic card. If it is not close to an edge, leave it and it will work itself out. If you are applying the sticker to your car or other outdoor surface, the heat from the sun will help release the air quicker.